Antoine Pollet

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You are Manager of a SME?

The environment of your company is changing and is more complex than ever. It becomes really uneasy to satisfy customers, motivate employees and sustain profitably, all together. Nevertheless, targeted changes can multiply the results of your company and facilitate its future growth.

By performing a global diagnostic, I identify the strengths and the development areas of your business. Based on such diagnostic, together with your team, I help you to define a practical action plan. If needed, I drive the implementation of the plan in order to boost the performances of your company on a sustainable way.






A global diagnostic, coupled with an audit of your processes, allows identifying the 20% of actions that will generate 80% of results. This diagnostic concerns the two main growth drivers:

Your employees: How does your team perform? Does it work in adequate conditions? Are the right persons at the right places? Is the internal communication efficient enough?

Your processes: Are they adapted to the customer expectations? Are they source of profit? Do they sustain the growth? Do they help to reach your objectives?


The definition of a shared vision and action plan will be the basis of the development of your company.

Different technique or tools will allow a better utilisation of your internal resources, the commitment of your staff and a new dynamic in your company.

If you wish, I can also help you to recruit your new employees.


My approach aims at improving your results in the following domains:

  • Development of individual and collective skills,
  • Improvement of customer loyalty and satisfaction,
  • Optimization of working processes,
  • Durability of commercial and financial results.