Louis Devaux

gsm : 0485670325

Range of competence:

  • Bank Financing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cash Management
  • All sectors of business





Former corporate banker (more than 20 years’experience in Brussels and New York)
  • Applying for and negotiating credit facilities : set-up of a credit request including a medium term business plan and competitive bidding between banks, negotiation of conditions and sureties
  • Domestic & International Cash Management : cash concentration or notional pooling, optimisation of bank conditions (balances & transactions)
  • Corporate Finance : valuation of companies, finding counterparts (for acquisitions ou disposals), negotiation

Some achievements :

  • The refusal of a 40.000 Eur credit was turned into the granting of a 500.000 Eur facility (pharma)
  • A company owner could avoid granting a 50.000 Eur personal surety when selling its shares.
  • A customer could avoid paying a 25.000 Eur penalty when prepaying a long term loan
  • A holding company in liquidation could keep all its credit lines active while negotiating the sale of numerous participations ; banks did not loose money and 700 jobs could be maintained
  • A group treasurer could receive in real time the net balance of 5000 multi-currency accounts
  • In a few days, the bank participated to the financing of a significant acquisition, propelling the customer group to the number 2 worldwive position in its field of activity


Fortis Bank

Compagnie Saint-Gobain


Owens Corning

Medgenix Group

Neua Pharma